Message from Principal


Welcome to Santal Pargana Mahila College, one of the very first institution to offer quality education to the girls of Santal Pargana region. To cater the needs of women education in this region, the college has a very vital role to play. The college is situated in the heart of Dumka town (sub-capital of Jharkhand state) and has a green campus, in a security zone under administrative offices and residence.

Santal Pargana Mahila College, Dumka aims to impart best education and caters to the professional and academic needs for allround inculcation girls of this tribal area. We believe in the principle that education is the basic mantra for women empowerment.

We impart education in the beautiful atmosphere of discipline. We believe that the students must get the various opportunities of all round development in numerous departments.

With all the best wishes.

Dr. Pushpa Rani Prasad
Santal Pargana Mahila College, Dumka